Rapture Poem

Those who are Born Again, and usher spiritual rebirth, Will soon Rapture with Jesus Christ off this Earth!

Soon the Trumpet of God will sound, and we will Lift up off the ground from all around in the Rapture. Many Left Behind will grieve, and find it hard to believe they were so naive, and deceived! When we Rapture to receive our crown reward as our Heavenly body is restored as we fly toward our Lord whom we have loved, and adored! As we see Jesus Christ our Lord with warrior Angels who carry a sword in the clouds with crowds of our Heavenly Family.

How Beautiful, Glorious, and Victorious it will be to see our King Jesus Christ around his Throne, and his Hosts of Angels in our new Heavenly Home. Soon we will see Jesus Christ appear in the Sky, and we will Disappear as we fly in the Rapture ascension that is beyond human comprehension. Soon we will Lift up, and fly in the Twinkling of an Eye!

The Love, and Light of Jesus will be so Beautiful, and Bright as we Travel up out of human sight. Yes, the Rapture is going to be such a wonderful delight, and it could happen tonight!

Many Raptured Saints will desire to fly right up to Jesus, and hug him so tight! Perhaps Jesus Christ might smile, and say, Did you enjoy your Heavenly Flight beyond the speed of light tonight?

The Raptured Saints will be Caught up in the clouds with Jesus Christ from all over the place, as we embrace Jesus Christ, and his wonderful Love, and Grace! When we Travel up into space, far beyond the Human race.

Many of the Humankind that is left behind will find, the Holy Bible, and thoughts of Salvation, will enter the Nation, as they search their Mind in frustration, and desperation! Since they missed the Rapture Transformation, and Celebration. Because they denied Jesus Christ, and did not cast off that last Temptation! As the Population ushers the realization that our Generation experienced the Rapture acceleration to the new Heavenly Location.

Maybe those Left Behind in the seperation, will see they lost the Rapture Invitation, as they watch the news on the Television station looking for an explanation, as they enter the Tribulation with no preparation! Except for the Holy Bible, and the book of Revelation.

It's still not to late, Please do not hesitate! Jesus Christ can help you see, and only Jesus Christ can guarantee your Salvation, and Rapture Invitation.

Go to God as you are, and he will make you into who he wants you to be! Yes, Jesus Christ Saves us, and sets us Free! Now is the time to begin, and turn from sin.

Rapture Poem Copyright Rapture Prophecy

Jesus Christ has the whole world in his hands, and everything happens just as he plans!

Rapture Prophecy

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